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Smitten Kitchen Keepers Cookbook

$ 35.00

Deb Perelman is the author of two best-selling cookbooks; one of the Internet's most successful food bloggers; the creator of a homegrown brand with more than a million Instagram followers; and the self-taught cook with the tiny kitchen who obsessively tests her recipes to make sure that no bowls are wasted and that the results are always worth the effort.

What's a keeper? It's a brilliantly fuss-free lemon poppy seed cake. It's a tomato and corn cobbler that tastes like summer sunshine. It's an epic deep-dish broccoli cheddar quiche that will even convince the quiche haters you know. It's a slow-roasted chicken on a bed of unapologetically schmaltzy croutons. It's the only apple crisp she will ever make again and she hopes you'll feel the same. It’s perfect spaghetti and meatballs, tested and re-tested. It's the ultimate pound cake, one that redeems all the duds you may have eaten over the years. These are the fail-safe, satisfying recipes you’ll rely on for years to come—from Perelman’s forever files to yours.

320 Pages