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A bunch of honey straws from the Savannah Bee Company in a glass jar. Jar sits atop a wooden coaster.
Honey Straws
$ 0.99
Raw honeycomb from Savannah Bee Company
Raw Acacia Honeycomb
From $ 16.00
Honey Bear - 12 oz
Cinnamon Creamed Honey
Hot Honey Bear - 12 oz
Chocolate Creamed Honey
Honey for your Tea 12 oz. jar from the Savannah Bee Company
Hot Honey 12 oz. jar from Savannah Bee Company.
Hot Honey 12oz
$ 14.50
Hot Honey Fire Sticks 12 pack from Savannah Bee Company
The Bee Cause Project Honey 12 oz. from Savannah Bee Company
Bee Cause Honey
$ 16.00
Honey for the Grill 12 oz. jar from the Savannah Bee Company.
savannah bee honey for coffee
Blueberry Creamed Honey
savannah bee artisanal set