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Sharpen up in the kitchen with this stylish rotating knife sharpener.  This cleverly designed gadget folds away for compact storage.  The unique, rotating design of Rota provides two key features. First, when opened out, it creates a safe, ergonomic handle to hold when sharpening or honing. Then, when finished, the handle folds neatly away again, creating a compact unit that stores easily in a drawer. It has coarse and fine ceramic sharpening wheels for maintaining kitchen knives with a variety of blade conditions from dull through to damaged edges. Non-slip feet on the base give added stability when sharpening.


• Twin ceramic sharpening wheels:

  1. Coarse wheel - for dull or damaged blades;

  2. Fine wheel - to finish blade edge and for regular knife maintenance


• Easy-grip handle and non-slip feet for added stability while sharpening

• Locks closed for compact storage

• Suitable for most types of stainless-steel knives. Not suitable for serrated or ceramic blades.

Designed by Studio17 Design 

Usage Instructions

1. Push button and rotate handle to open.

2. Handle locks safely into position for sharpening.

3. Place on a dry, stable and flat surface and grip handle firmly.

4. Sharpen or hone:

•  Dull or damaged blades: Place blade in groove marked 1 and run blade steadily backwards and forwards through the sharpening wheel, applying gentle pressure. Repeat 10 times for dull blades and 20 times for blunt or damaged blades. Transfer blade to groove marked 2 and run blade through sharpening wheel 5-10 times to finish blade. Wash and dry blade before cutting food.

•  Regular knife maintenance: Place blade in groove 2 and run blade steadily backwards and forwards through the sharpening wheel, applying gentle pressure, 10-15 times. Wash and dry blade before cutting food.