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More than 45 lip-smacking recipes for Margarita cocktails that capture the spirit of the fiesta.

People everywhere are drinking tequila—from the best-known brands to the rarer tequilas and mescals revered by connoisseurs. The Margarita has survived numerous nips and tucks to retain its fierce identity. All you actually need to create a delicious Margarita is good-quality tequila, lime juice, and orange-flavored liqueur. Yet within the boundaries of these vital ingredients, you can make your drink taste quite different.

Try the recipes in the Classics chapter to discover how the type of tequila, the choice of sour, brand of sweetener, and the ratio of all three influence the final fantastic flavor, from a Tommy’s Margarita to a Gin Daisy (the original Margarita).

Once you’ve mastered the classics, take your taste buds on a magical exploration of Contemporary Margaritas—from Strawberry to Chilli-chocolate. Or try an Experimental idea—well-known cocktails with a tequila twist such as the Negroni-rita.

And a Margarita is not just for summer drinking—the Seasonal chapter brings you the One Minute to Midnight Margarita for New Year, as well as the Candy Cane for guaranteed festive fun. Perfect to get any party going any time of year, or just for your own private enjoyment, the Margarita always captures the spirit of the fiesta.

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