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  • Waste less and save more with OXO GreenSaver Produce Keepers, a unique system that keeps produce fresher longer

  • An activated carbon filter traps and absorbs ethylene gas, slowing down the aging process and keeping produce fresh longer.

  • The elevated basket lifts produce up and away from the container walls to promote airflow and help prevent rotting. It can also be removed and used as a colander.

  • The adjustable vent on top of each Produce Keeper slides open and closed to maintain optimum humidity levels for different types of produce, keeping them crisp and fresh.

  • The 1.6 qt/1.5 L capacity is perfect for a pint of berries, grapes and other small fruits and vegetables

  • The 4.3 qt/4 L capacity is great for heads, bags or boxes of lettuce, broccoli and medium-sized fruits

  • The 5 qt/4.7 L capacity is ideal for carrots, zucchini, cucumbers and other long produce

  • Carbon filter is all-natural, made from coconuts and lasts 90 days.