Culinary Travels at HKS

Honeycomb Kitchen Shop offers a plethora of cooking classes featuring cuisines from around the world.  One popular cooking series known as Culinary Travels is led by Dr. Sevin Gallo and Chef Aria Kagan where participants enjoy a historical and cultural cooking adventure in our very own HKS Kitchen. Through these culinary experiences, international travel has become a big interest with our customers and is why we are pleased to partner with Dr. Gallo to promote her travels across the globe!

Dr. Sevin Gallo will be traveling to several areas in Greece in 2023.  See her itinerary and fun-filled trip details below as well as info on registration.  HKS has enjoyed her culinary lectures on the Mediterranean and we highly recommend adding this adventure to your calendar.  Not to mention the authentic Greek cooking class you will partake in...a can't miss event for a true foodie!


May 30 – June 8, 2023


Join Dr. Sevin Gallo on an epic ten day journey through Mediterranean history and culture in Athens, Santorini, and Nafplion, Greece! Highlights of the program include walking in the footsteps of the ancients and the many famous travelers who have likewise journeyed to the Athenian Acropolis and the Temple of Poseidon; relax in boutique hotel accommodations; wander through white-washed villages with blue-domed churches in Santorini and then experience this most picturesque Cycladic island by sea on a private Catamaran sailing voyage; learn how to prepare the perfect Greek meal in an expert led cooking class in a Peloponnesian winery; live like a local and experience street food and nightlife with a host who knows all the best places. The program takes great care to balance exciting adventure with time to relax and take-in the unmatched experience of being in Greece--- the place of age old legends and modern travel dreams. 



Experience Greece with a world historian-professor who specializes in food culture and national identity.  Dr. Sevin Gallo has a PhD in Middle East-comparative world history, a masters in European-Balkan history, eight years of Mediterranean world group travel experience, and more than fifteen years of college and university teaching experience.  If you like to travel and experience new things – sometimes at a museum or archeological site, but often at the dinner table, in a spice market, or on a dance floor- then traveling with Sevin is your cup of tea!