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Honeycomb Kitchen Shop carries a wide variety of cookware brands such as Staub,  Anolon, Smithey, and Swiss Diamond. We have what you are looking for whether you need stainless steel, non-stick, ceramic or cast iron.  Available products include but not limited to dutch ovens, skillets, sauce pans, roasting pans, braisers, grilling stones, bakers and much more!


46 results
No. 10 Skillet
No. 10 Skillet
$ 170.00
Smithey No. 8 Cast Iron Skillet
No. 8 Skillet
$ 110.00
Smithey No. 12 cast iron skillet with labeling.
No. 12 Skillet
$ 210.00
Potato Grill Baker
Chicken Leg Griller & Jalapeno Roaster
Cast Iron Bacon Press
Microwave Egg Poacher
Microwave Bacon Tray
Two Burner Reversible Griddle
Oven Crisp Baking Tray
Glass Baking Dishes
Glass Baking Dishes
From $ 17.99
High Sided Griddle
Leather Skillet Sleeve
5 Pc. Compact Ovenware Set
No. 14 Dual Handle Skillet
Meatloaf Pan and Lifting Trivet
Meatball Griller
stovetop kettle smoker personal size by Nordic Ware
No. 10 Flat Top Griddle
Grill Topper
Grill Topper
$ 20.95
Texas Searing Griddle
Smithey carbon steel farmhouse skillet. Side view.
Outset Paella Pan
Wilton Armetale Paella Pan
Wilton Armetale Fish Griller
Wilton Armetale football griller
Fish Basket W/Folding Handle
14 inch cast iron skillet
No. 14 Skillet
$ 240.00
11 inch cast iron skillet with glass lid
10.25 inch Square skillet grill from le creuset in deep teal
10.25" Square Skillet Grill
From $ 180.00 $ 225.00
11.75" Iron Handle Skillet
5.5 qt round dutch oven by Le Creuset in Deep Teal
5.5 QT. Round Dutch Oven
From $ 336.00 $ 420.00
bread oven artichaut
9.5" Bread Oven
$ 300.00
7.25 QT round dutch oven by Le Creuset in Meringue.
9" Iron Handle Skillet
9" Iron Handle Skillet
From $ 100.00 $ 175.00
14" Glass Lid
14" Glass Lid
$ 50.00
46 results