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Sip and Savor: Tiki Cocktails and Nibbles- July 9th

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TUESDAY, JULY 9th, 2024 | 6:30 PM

with Melissa Antonaccio of Pinky Swear

*This class menu is also offered on July 8th

Let us welcome Melissa Antonaccio to the HKS kitchen. In this fun filled Tiki Bar-themed class, guests will not only master the art of crafting delicious, well-balanced drinks but also indulge in mouthwatering appetizers. Begin with a delightful party platter featuring Portuguese Sliders, Furikake Popcorn, and Crab Wonton Dip. These flavorful bites will set the tone for a fantastic culinary adventure. For the hands portion of class, learn the secrets behind the iconic Planters Punch. Discover its rich history and the perfect balance of flavors that make it a favorite. Next up, create Blistered Shishito Peppers paired with a zesty Furikake Ranch dipping sauce. These peppers are sure to add a kick to your tropical experience. Finally, delve into the world of mixology by making your own orgeat syrup. Then use this almond based elixir to create another specialty cocktail. Get ready for a delightful journey through flavors, textures, and history. Cheers to a memorable class! Attendees must be 21 or older. Recipes will be provided. Tickets are priced per person. 

*All class ticket sales are final. No refunds or credit transfers to other classes are available.*


Mel settled in NWA 2 years ago after a whirlwind tour of the US as a hospitality nomad. Her journey from iconic Tujagues and Sazerac in New Orleans to private cheffing on sailboats has been fueled by a love of cocktail history, tropical drinks and hosting epic dinner parties. Now at Pinky Swear, she’s on a mission to craft the perfect ‘third place’ for those seeking respite from the mundane. She’s excited to bring 20 years of passion to the Honeycomb Kitchen.

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